Daily Investment is the Compound Interest of Self-Improvement

Why the failure to act is a greater sin than taking action and failing.

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“Only through daily investment can you achieve anything of significance. Deconstruct your goals until you’ve identified the daily habits that support them.”

Compound interest rewards two things, frequency and time.

Each day your actions are the investments you’re making. The trick is to be intentional about which version of yourself you’re investing in. And to invest at the highest frequency possible.

Maximize compound interest by developing daily habits you’ll keep for a lifetime.


1“The failure to act is a greater sin than taking action and failing, because action brings at least a possibility of success, whereas inaction brings none.”

Over the last year, I’ve seen this surface countless times, I’ve also witnessed the truth it holds.

A year ago I didn’t know anything about writing a book or a newsletter. Truth be told I still don’t know much but had I stood still I would have missed countless opportunities and my knowledge would have gone unchanged.

The lie is that there is a starting line that needs to be discovered, the truth is you’re standing on it.


Take some time to identify a goal then create an implementation intention for its daily habit.

It could be to pass a certification, get a promotion, start working out or pursue a passion. Work backward and break down the outcome you want into a daily habit. If it’s an exam, studying every day for an hour is a worthy habit.

Use an implementation intention to double your chances of success.

“When situation X arises, I will perform response Y.”

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