Learning is the result of effort, not consumption

What's your input to output ratio?



Understanding must always be the outcome of learning.

It feels productive to ingest information and unproductive to spend time digesting it. But a body that doesn't digest is malnourished and a mind that doesn't process is starved. Leaving knowledge isolated starves you of understanding.

Only through weaving knowledge together do you convert learning into understanding.”



Anything worth doing is worth doing badly, so start by doing it badly.
— Jordan Peterson



Counter your consumption with deliberate practice.1

Over the course of a few days, tally up the number of hours you spend consuming information vs practicing.


  • Watched 1 hour of a video course and spent 30 minutes coding.

  • Spent 2 hours on social media and 1 hour working on setting up a lab environment.

  • Read for 30 minutes and spent 1 hour writing notes.

Review the data and identify a single goal you’d like to achieve. Next, determine what you’d practice to obtain it. Perhaps that’s studying for an exam, coding, playing an instrument, or as it is in my case, writing.

Take that goal and craft a habit of daily deliberate practice around it. Sustain your new daily practice by measuring your output and time spent.

  • (Reading) number of pages read

  • (Writing) number of permanent notes written

  • (Coding) number of lines written

All these numbers are arbitrary, their only purpose is to prove you put in the work.

Continuously improve through feedback. Because it’s nearly impossible to observe yourself while you practice, you’ll have to depend on others for feedback and the most qualified to do so is a coach.

An alternative to a coach is to practice in public. Your feedback may vary, but it’s free and can lead to interesting opportunities.

If you really want to become good at your craft, do both.

Until next time,

Josh Duffney

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