Batch Newsletters with Mailbrew

Newsletters are awesome, but I never read them… Here’s what I did to fix that.

  1. Signed up for Mailbrew

  2. Re-subscribed to all my favorite newsletters using the email provided by Mailbrew

  3. Created a Brew, batching all my newsletters into a single weekly email

  4. Schedule the Brew for when you’ll have time to read

I call it, The Sunday Paper!

Turning my newsletters into Brews allows me to batch them and control when they’re delivered.

Creating a New Habit

  • Set the intention, read newsletters at 9:00 am on Sundays.

  • Hold myself accountable, added reading the newsletters to my habit tracker.

  • Create a cue, email notifications (I normally check email around 9:00 am)

You can subscribe to my brews for free. Creating your own requires a membership. <-- Affiliate link

I’m curious, how do you make time for reading newsletters?